The colossal hotel chain, Marriott, recently announced that it is set to project ads into the night sky using a new technology, reports CNBC. However, these adverts hold a unique characteristic which may give them a subtle edge over competing adverts.

  • Using a technique known as persistence of vision, the ads will only be visible for a tenth to a quarter of a second, but only when the viewer moves their head. These ads will showcase the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum in Rome which will be projected across London’s River Thames for three days, as part of its Travel Brilliantly campaign, it said in an emailed statement, according to CNBC. The company behind this new technology, known as ECHO, was a British startup called Lightvert.
  • Many companies in the past have employed advertising techniques with a deeper level of subliminal messaging behind them in order to influence, purchasing decisions, either intentionally or not.