• Tsipursky does not believe fake news can be eliminated completely, in the next several decades at least, and given the disruption caused by social media, where people can now be enclosed in echo chambers and get only the news they want to hear, and what research shows as people’s lack of ability to separate truth from facts online, those who want to manipulate people will get ahead through producing fake news.
  • He also points to a link between fake news and ad fraud.
  • A white paper report on combating ad fraud and fake news sites produced by AppNexus meanwhile, backs up Tsipurksy’s link between fake news and ad fraud, as it found that viral content has become a gateway for online ad fraud because viral content publishers frequently acquire traffic from third-party sources of questionable repute and knowingly create or purchase invalid traffic with the express intent of ripping off advertisers.

    Source: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2018/01/16/birds-the-same-feather-the-unmissable-link-between-ad-fraud-and-fake-news