• In five years, they built a business with $80 million in sales, creating a playbook for a successful digital-only brand.
  • Times have changed over the past year, and already, the golden age of building a major direct-to-consumer brand on Instagram or Facebook is ending, as competition for digital eyeballs has increased, costs have gone up exponentially, and the use of influencers has spread to mainstream brands.
  • Maybe it goes without saying that the brand is key, but a year or two ago it seemed even half-baked efforts could succeed on Facebook or Instagram because the idea of selling direct to consumers at a better price was new.

    Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/amyfeldman/2018/01/08/dozens-of-brands-have-built-businesses-on-facebook-and-instagram-but-its-getting-a-lot-harder/#2add7c3d6e43