• A/B tests give you lots of tactical information, but not about the bigger strategic questions – how much to spend, on which channels, toward what kind of brand strategy? A/B tests tend to be so tactical that marketers who rely on them exclusively often fail to develop a coherent view of their customers’ motivations and needs.
  • Even if marketers make judicious use in-market tests and A/B comparisons, they are unlikely to come to a satisfactory answer to Wanamaker’s question, especially in today’s complex market environment, and even more especially if they are not direct marketers.
  • To come to those answers, they are likely to turn to one or both of the other two dominant approaches to marketing measurement: Market-Mix Models and Multi-Touch Attribution.

    Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmcdonald1/2018/01/23/measuring-the-roi-of-marketing-ab-tests-vs-market-mix-models-vs-multi-touch-attribution/#460645c42576